Saturday, March 7, 2009

the dinner files, jan-feb

my job has been sucking my lifeforce since the beginning of the year, and ridding me of all motivation in my day to day life. a list of things i've ceased doing include, but are not limited to: blogging, being nice to people, making friends, sleeping well and finding joy in life. this, of course, needs to stop. i mean, there are seriously at least 50 amazing dinners i have failed to share. here's a brief catch-up:

ultimate vegan mac and cheese. they all say it, but i win. my recipe takes every ingredient ever used in a vegan mac and cheese - cashews, nutritional yeast, soymilk, potatoes, you name it. and it's perfect.

some lavash wraps w made, with marinated/fried tofu & homemade caesar. he has a knack for recreating our favorite restaurant dishes in a way that deems said restaurants completely unneccesary. this one ruined pure luck for us.

mediterranean pizza night! sounds fun, right? i had a loooong work day and was being a real bitch. w knows that the only thing to do in this situation is to make pita pizzas. then popcorn.

asian dumplings, obviously w's creation. some sort of tvp/cabbage filling with wonton wrappers in a sour broth. i also ate the mushrooms, which is a barometer for the overall success of a meal. if you can disguise the taste AND texture of a mushroom to the point where i will eat it, you've done some serious food science.

tofu henge. our favorite midnight snack is buffalo tofu (bufftoes) with celery and homemade ranch. this is the one and only thing that i consistently make better than his majesty. the presentation, however, was all him. this snack always reminds me of my friend kk, who used to work at a pizza joint that was frequented by one of our favorite cavs players, z. ilgauskas. he ordered the "buffalo toes," and drank like 15 sprites.

homemade "feta" revisited, this time in stuffed tomatoes.

beautiful valentines calla lillies. and beer.