Saturday, December 20, 2008


what happened to last year? all kinds of interesting shit happened, that's what, and i have no cohesive record of it. i hear 2009 is the year of the blog...

for my own enjoyment, i've recapped 2008 from digital camera scraps.

words to live by. cleveland is cold! don't snivel, move to arizona. (sounded like a good idea at the time.)

the day the babies showed up! we moved into a house with a bunch of stray lady cats. they all got fat, disappeared for a few days, and came back with kittens. the next few months of my life were dominated by the placement of said kittens. spay & neuter, people.

first house = first garden! nothing turned out super well, but the experience was awesome. i spent more time tending to the existing bamboo, as it is nearly impossible to kill.

moving was fun! let's do it again. this time, to CA.

of course i adopted one of the AZ kittens. and zingzang ('zingy the pinhead', affectionately) makes 8...

went home to see my favorite cousin, eric, get married off. another one bites the dust.

there have been quite a few of these nights since we arrived in los angeles. not because it's a crazy party city so much as because i haven't really made any friends. thanks for always being there, st. pauli girl XOXO

around noon the day before thanksgiving, i decided instantaneously and firmly that i needed a proper thanksgiving dinner. nostalgia, you know? the remainder of the day was spent procuring ingredients. we woke up around noon, cooked for 8 hours, and enjoyed a vegan FEAST. good call, d. good call.

so today, a coworker gave me a delightfully random xmas present. he claimed he was jumped by a jolly fellow in red velvet on the bus this morning, and was instructed to deliver these gifts. my associate ozzie was given a tomahawk crafted from fake bone and agate. when the laughing ceased, i unwrapped my copy of "days to remember: a journal of lifetime events," allegedly rescued from the giver's basement or junk drawer. meant as a sweet/funny gesture, this gift actually rocked. it's a blank book, with one page for every day of the year. the idea is to use it for many years, noting significant events or just observations. so the december 21st page's first entry will be, "received this book from jc. started weblog."

my daily life is actually pretty excellent, and i'd like to start keeping a record of that.


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